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At Fun Bot Lab, we try to draw a bright distinction between using a gadget vs. building one – between playing a video game vs. creating one, – between passively viewing media vs. actively creating it. By emphasizing the built, programmed and created aspects of the technology, Fun Bot Lab campers emerge with a greater confidence about their ability to critically evaluate, shape and control their experiences and gain a clearer vision of what is “behind the curtain” of the electronic images, sounds and experiences they encounter.

All of the programs we run have been tested with students and classes and undergo constant modification and adjustment. We are fun, flexible and patient – and we love and excel at the subjects we teach.

Future jobs will not only require technological familiarity, but critical thinking and creative problem solving abilities. As parents, we need to be futurists, to ensure that our children are ready for our rapidly changing world. ahead.

Create & Be Great.

It’s not something we just say, it’s something we believe in our robotic hearts!

We love creating engaging challenges and watching kids rise to the occasion. Every kid is a Scientist, a Techie, an Engineer, an Artist, and a Mathematician. We love showing kids how much fun it is to put all of these things together. They see how GREAT they are when they CREATE!

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Critical Thinking

We believe the ability to solve problems sets intellect apart from rote memorization.

Teaching Critical Thinking

Critical thinking allows kids to recognize road blocks, which is the first and crucial step to solving problems.

Creative Problem Solving

Encouraging children to use their creative side sets them apart as innovators, not just memorizers.

Creativity Matters

We use engaging challenges with open-ended solutions so that kids are encouraged to solve the problem uniquely.

Tenacity aka Grit

Kids that can stick with a problem, can solve a problem, and be successful.

Tenacious Approaches to Problems

Having grit gives children confidence in themselves and is a lifelong, important skill.

Create & Be Great!

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