Medication Policy

PLEASE NOTE: If your camper will NOT be taking medication while at Fun Bot Lab, you may disregard all of the information on this page!

Fun Bot Lab Medication Policy

Fun Bot Lab has staff trained to administer medication to campers. Fun Bot Lab will ONLY administer medication under the following conditions:

  • The parent or guardian must provide a separate Medication Form for EACH medication
  • The parent or guardian must provide medication to Fun Bot Lab with valid prescription label that matches the instructions on the Medication Form
  • Fun Bot Lab must store ALL medication in a designated space in the Fun Bot Lab office. Campers are not permitted to keep any medication on their person (this includes Epi-Pens and over-the-counter medications.)

If you plan to bring medication to Fun Bot Lab, please log into your Online Account and click Forms & Documents to download the Medication Form. Please print and fill out a separate form for each medication.

You may securely upload all medical forms on your Online Account, or mail them to our off-season headquarters:

Fun Bot Lab

716 N Barton Street

Arlington, VA 22201

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about medication at Fun Bot Lab.