Privacy Policy

Please see below for all of our Privacy Policies involving:

Information Collection and Storage

COPPA – Child Online Privacy Protection Act

Photo and Video Use

Proof of Identity

Electronic Signatures


Fun Bot Lab uses CampMinder for registration, information collection, and payment processing.

CampMinder is a web-based system that includes:

–Data backups (3x per day)

–Password-protected and limited by user

–Data is encrypted using industry-standard SSL

–Servers are firewalled and virus protected

–Ten-year track record of zero data loss

All information provided to Fun Bot Lab remains on a secure zero-down-time server, or is printed out for review by Fun Bot Lab staff, or printed for our annual Virginia Department of Social Services inspections. All printed information is locked in the Fun Bot Lab office, and viewed only by Fun Bot Lab staff and Fun Bot Lab’s representative from the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Credit Card numbers are encrypted when they are entered into the Fun Bot Lab system. The stored cards may be used for additional payments to Fun Bot Lab, but the full credit card numbers are not viewable in the Fun Bot Lab database.

Fun Bot Lab previously used Active Network.  Like CampMinder, Active Network is a well-respected system with high standards of security.

Please view Active Network’s full security policy here.

Please view CampMinder’s security policy on their website,


Fun Bot Lab is extremely sensitive to the need for online privacy for children, and adheres to all standards set forth in the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Fun Bot Lab will never publish, share, or sell any Personally Identifiable Information, including full name, address, email address, or hobbies.

Fun Bot Lab has an online private social media site, available on our website, so that campers can communicate off-season and share pictures and videos of their projects. Fun Bot Lab always contacts parents or guardians, never the campers themselves, to sign up for the Fun Bot Lab social media site using an anonymous username and password. Other than an anonymous username & password, Fun Bot Lab will never gather, ask for, publish, share, or sell any information gathered by or posted on the social media site. Fun Bot Lab does not gather Personally Identifiable Information with this site and keeps its use private for current registered campers.

Please visit the following link for more information about COPPA:


Fun Bot Lab will post the camper stop-motion videos, and photos of completed robot builds and projects without using personally identifiable information.

Occasionally Fun Bot Lab will post photos & videos of campers in non identifiable group settings doing sports, building or programming activities on the Fun Bot Lab website or other promotional materials. Fun Bot Lab will always secure permission from parents or guardians to use photos or video in these contexts.


Fun Bot Lab asks all parents to provide a proof of identity for each camper on the first day of camp. This is because Fun Bot Lab is a registered Child Day center, and the Virginia Code requires that all regulated child day programs view reliable proof of each child’s identity and age upon enrollment to help identify missing children.

The following documents are examples of acceptable proof of identity:

— Certified copy of a birth certificate

— Child identification card issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

— Passport

— Record from a public school in Virginia

For the complete list of acceptable proof of identity documents, and for further description of this requirement, please follow this link for more information from the Virginia Department of Social Services:


Beginning in 2014, Fun Bot Lab is moving to electronic signatures for many of the forms required by the Virginia Department of Social Services. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Roberts, Camp Administrator, at You may also visit the links below for more information about the Code of Virginia in regards to electronic signatures.

Table of Contents to full Uniform Electronic Transactions Act:

Legal Definition of an Electronic Signature:

Legal Recognition of Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures: