Things to Bring to the First Day of Camp

Proof of Identity

According to the Code of Virginia, Fun Bot Lab must view proof of each camper’s identity before camp begins. To help us with this requirement, please bring a Proof of Identity to Registration on your camper’s first day. This must be an ORIGINAL passport, birth certificate, Child ID card from the DMV, public school record, or other approved Proof of Identity. For more information about this requirement, please click here for our Privacy Policy.

NOTE FOR RETURNING CAMPERS: If you showed us an original Proof of Identity last year, you do NOT need to bring one again this year!


Sunblock is essential to protect campers from too much exposure to the sun, so campers must bring their own unexpired sunblock, marked with their name. Teachers and Counselors will collect this sunblock on the first day of camp, and take time to make sure the sun block is applied every day before campers go outside. Note: Teachers and Counselors must apply sunblock to campers 8 years old or younger, so you may want to provide the kind of sun block that comes in a sprayable container. Campers are not allowed to apply sunblock on each other.

Outdoor Water Play Clothes & Towel

Since it gets hot here in McLean during the summer, campers should prepare for some water play every week to cool off. Please provide water play clothes on your camper’s first day, and we’ll keep them at Fun Bot Lab until we need them! On the first day of camp, bring a bag packed with: long bathing suit shorts and a surfer rash guard shirt or other loose fitting lightweight sports t-shirt that can get wet, and a towel. Campers must bring a shirt along with a bathing suit as protection from sun exposure and friction burns. Please include some gallon plastic zip bags for transporting wet clothes back home! When we send wet clothes home, we’ll let you know if you need to bring new dry ones the next day.

Please remember to write your camper’s name on all extra clothes and towels!


Things to Bring Every Day

Lab Clothes

Wear comfortable, loose fitting summer casual clothes for programming, building, and digital media labs. Campers spend designated periods time outdoors with us every day, so sneakers are the recommended footwear.


Every camper should bring:

  • A packed, full lunch in an insulated lunch bag, labeled with the camper’s name and the date
  • A separate (from lunch) non-nut, substantial snack

*** Please Note that Fun Bot Lab is not a nut or allergen-free food environment***

New for 2015: You may also order your camper’s lunch ahead of time through Smart Lunches! Please stay tuned for more information!

Optional Stuff to Bring

Backpack or other bag

Most campers bring their stuff in a backpack, which we think is a good idea as we cluster them together by group at the beginning of the day. Campers with their own bags tend to not to lose their possessions and keep their stuff more organized.

LEGO Kits & Other Accessories

Last summer, a number of campers brought their own LEGO to use in stop motion movies. Once camp starts, talk to your teacher or counselor about bringing in extra kits and equipment. We do not recommend that campers bring expensive or irreplaceable LEGO sets, as there is a lot of LEGO at Fun Bot Lab, and pieces easily get lost.

Water Bottle & Hat

Hats, especially hats with a baseball style lid, can reduce camper exposure to the sun during outdoor play. Fun Bot Lab provides frequent water cooler breaks, but your camper is welcome to also bring a personal water bottle.

Medications & Special Needs

Medications are only allowed if parents fill out a medication form for each medication. Certain Fun Bot Lab staff members trained in medication administration will administer your camper’s medication as directed on these forms. Fun Bot Lab asks that parents and guardians provide as much information to us as possible about food allergies, medications and other special needs relating to each camper. Please click here for Fun Bot Lab’s full Medication Policy.

Teachers and Counselors will be CPR and first aid certified.

*** Fun Bot Lab is not a nut or allergen-free food environment***