About Your Online Account

You can log into your Fun Bot Lab Online Account to make payments, check your information, submit online forms and documents, and more.

Your Fun Bot Lab Online Account is hosted by CampMinder, an excellent, secure, well-respected data service. If you have any technical difficulties, please call CampMinder Tech Support directly at (303) 444-2267. They are always happy to help any of our Fun Bot Families!

Please click on any of the topics below to learn more about your Online Account!

How to Log In to your Online Account

To access your Online Account, click here. You can also click “Parent Log-In” under the Registration & Costs menu.

If you have already created a password for your account, then enter it at the prompt. If you have not created a password, or if you have forgotten your password, then click Retrieve/Set Password to have an email with your account information sent to you.

Please use the same email that you used when you registered your camper for FunBotLab!

Required Forms for Fun Bot Lab

Click on Forms & Documents to access the required forms for Fun Bot Lab.

Every form or document in bold on your account page is required, and MUST be submitted two weeks before your camper’s first day of camp.

There is one required online form, the Camper Health and Information Form. To complete this form, please have available:

  • Parent/Guardian work phone number and address, if applicable
  • Name and phone number of your camper’s physician
  • General health information about your camper (allergies, asthma, other special needs)
  • The names of people authorized or not authorized to pick up your camper
  • The names, phone numbers, and addresses of two emergency contacts (NOT parents or guardians; we will always try to contact the parents/guardians first, but we need TWO ADDITIONAL CONTACTS on file in case of emergency.)

There are also two additional documents that you will need to provide to Fun Bot Lab:

  • The Health History Form, which must include documentation of a Physical Exam within the past 12 months and an up-to-date Immunization Record
  • A copy of Proof of Identification for your camper (this can be a passport, birth certificate, Child ID card from the DMV, or a public school record)

You may use a copy of any doctor form, including a school form, for the Physical Exam an Immunization forms, or you can click the down arrow to download a copy of a blank form to give to your camper’s physician.

You may submit the completed documents securely by clicking the up arrow and uploading them to your account, or you may mail them to Fun Bot Lab, whichever you prefer.

Click on “more info” for more detailed information, and please always feel free to Contact Us with any questions!

Optional Forms for Fun Bot Lab

If you click the Forms & Documents icon, your account will also show some optional forms and documents that are not in bold. These are also due two weeks before your camper’s first day of camp, if you choose to complete them.

The Medication Form is only required if your camper will be taking medication during camp hours this summer. Please download the Medication Form by clicking on the down arrow, and submit one form for each medication, including all prescription and non-prescription medications, that you would like Fun Bot Lab staff to administer to your camper.

A Note for Returning Campers

If we received the documentation of a Physical Exam, the Immunization Record, and the Proof of Identification from you last summer, then you do not need to submit them again. If we have your forms on file, then your record will show them marked as received and highlighted in green.

You can always click a completed form or submitted document to review it, and you can print the document for your records by clicking the PRINT icon.

How To Review your Account Information

We use the information in your Online Account in our contact lists, and in grouping your campers, so please double-check your account to make sure that we have all of your information correct in our system! You may review your Camper Information and Contact Information by clicking on the following icons on your account home page:

All submitted forms and documents will be highlighted in green.  You can always click a completed form or submitted document to review it, and you can print the document for your records by clicking the PRINT icon.

Making Payments Online

Click the Financial Management icon to review your financial information, change your credit card, or make a payment online.

Fun Bot Lab will charge any outstanding balance to the credit card on file on April 6th, 2018. You may make payments before that date if you wish.