Required Paperwork

Fun Bot Lab is officially licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services as a Child Day Center. For this reason, we require specific health and safety information for your camper.


We require the following forms if you wish to register your camper for Fun Bot Elite.  You will be prompted to upload them during the process of purchasing tickets for your campers.


After you’ve registered for Fun Bot Lab, please sign into your Online Account to complete one online form and submit the two required supporting documents.


Camper Health and Information Form

This form is where we collect important health & safety information, including emergency contacts and your campers’ allergies and other special needs. Please submit this form as soon as possible to help us prepare for a safe summer at camp!


Health History Form

This must include both documentation of a Physical Exam and an up-to-date Immunization Record. This can be a current-year school form, any doctor form, or the form available for download in your Online Account. The form you provide does not need to be an original, but it MUST be stamped, signed, or electronically signed by your camper’s doctor.

A copy of Proof of Identification for your camper

This can be a passport, birth certificate, Child ID card from the DMV, or a public school record. For more information about this requirement, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

You may download these forms in the Forms & Documents section of your Online Account.

Please securely upload these documents in this same section of your Online Account, or mail them to us at our off-season headquarters:

Fun Bot Lab

716 N Barton Street

Arlington, VA 22201

A NOTE FOR RETURNING CAMPERS: If you sent us the supporting documents last year, you do not need to resend them! You do, however, need to re-submit the Camper Health and Information Form. Last year’s responses will already be filled in, so please review carefully, update where necessary, and submit the form as soon as possible!

Please click here for more information about your Online Account, and please Contact Us if you have any questions!